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REES/Art/Hist 241 (offered this spring 2020)

This course introduces students to the major issues addressed by scholars of Russia and Eastern Europe in a number of different disciplines: history, art, literature, government, economics, religious studies, and music. Each week, we treat a different era of history, reading literature, viewing slides, listening to music, and discussing social and political developments. Students will read the great Russian writers, examine religious culture and architecture, and learn about life in Russia and Eastern Europe today.

REES 460: Reading and Research in Russian/East European Studies

This course gives advanced students the opportunity to investigate intensively an area of special interest. The student is required to meet with the instructor periodically throughout the semester and at the conclusion of the course to submit a scholarly paper as well as to be prepared to take an oral examination on his or her work. Hours arranged.
Offered: As needed

REES 495, 496: Thesis

Students interested in completing a thesis for program Honors are advised to consult with the program coordinator toward the end of their junior year. Following selection of a topic and thesis director, a research design must be provided at the opening of the fall semester. The student then completes 495. If the thesis director and program coordinator conclude that sufficient progress has been made, the student takes 496 and completes a thesis for submission for honors.