Our faculty members offer courses in several different disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including Art, Film and Media Studies, Language, Literature (in both original languages and in translation), History, Religious Studies, and Politics. Feel free to contact us to ask about courses or about opportunities for study abroad, independent study, or honors thesis work.


Joshua Sanborn

David M. '70 and Linda Roth Professor of History
Chair, Russian and East European Studies
208 Ramer History House

Lindsay Ceballos

Assistant Professor of Russian and East European Studies
303 Ramer History House

Katalin Fabian

Professor of Government and Law
103 Kirby Hall of Civil Rights

Ida Sinkevic

Arthur J '55 and Barbara S. Rothkopf Professor of Art History
204 Williams Center for the Arts
(610) 330-5362

Jessica Carr

Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Berman Scholar of Jewish Studies
323 Pardee

Monika Rice

Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and Russian and East European Studies
306 Ramer History House

Valeria Sajez

Lecturer in Foreign Languages and Literatures
414 Pardee
(610) 330-5254