REES 161 (CL 161):  Literary Masters of Tsarist Russia

REES 162 (CL 162):  Writing Under Authoritarian Regimes: Soviet Russia and Beyond

REES 163 (CL 163): Back in the USSR: Encounters with Soviet Russia on the Page and Screen

REES 265 (CL 265, ENG 265): Dostoevsky in a Global Context

REES 365 (CL 365): “War and Peace:” Tolstoy’s Novel and Its Undying Questions

ART 216:  Byzantine Art

FAMS 270: National and Transnational Cinemas (when topic is Russian film)

REL 306:  Jewish Responses to the Holocaust

REL 307:  The Jewish Experience in Poland

RUSS 111, 112:  Intermediate Russian

RUSS 209, 210:  Survey of Russian Literature

RUSS 211:  Advanced Russian

RUSS 311:  The Russian Short Story

RUSS 316:  Soviet Russian Literature

Social Sciences

GOVT 225:  Politics of Russia, the Other Post-Soviet States, and Eastern Europe

HIST 118: Introduction to History: The Cold War

HIST 243:  Imperial Russia

HIST 244:  20th Century Russia

HIST 354:  1968: Year of Global Rebellion (REES majors focus on Eastern Europe for their paper)


REES 110 (JS 110) – The Holocaust

REES 241 (ART 241/HIST241):  History, Art, and Culture of Russia and Eastern Europe

REES 267: Revolution! Russian Culture and the Radical Tradition

INDS 279: Conflict in Eastern Europe: Past and Present

REES 460:  Independent Study

REES 495, 496:  Thesis

Though the courses do not directly count for the REES major, Elementary Russian is offered every year:

RUSS 101, 102:  Elementary Russian