Want to help, but unsure how? Don’t know who to trust? Below are a handful of nonprofits and charitable foundations with a history of success and transparent reporting.


Download a browser extension to translate foreign language websites into your preferred language. Follow the link here.

Humanitarian Aid

  • Kyiv School of Economics  – for general humanitarian assistance. This is the graduate institution of Prof. Ogrokhina in the Economics Department. Disregard the “contribution detail” box. All donations at present are being directed toward humanitarian aid within Ukraine. The money is distributed by alumni on a volunteer basis, so there is very little overhead.

Medical support

  • RAZOM: Emergency Response – for tactical medical training. Help qualified war medics teach civilians first aid and provide them with medical supplies.
  • Sunflower of Peace – for medical assistance and other necessities. Each IFAK (medical backpack) can save up to 10 lives.
  • Lifeline Ukraine – for psychosocial support. Ukraine’s first suicide prevention hotline mobilized in response to alarming rates of veteran suicide.

Veterans and internally displaced persons

  • People in Need: SOS Ukraine – for provision of food and sanitation packages, emergency shelter, psychosocial support, and more in Donetsk and Luhansk, both in territory under the control of the Ukrainian government and in territory not currently under government control.
  • UN Crisis Relief: Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund – contributions are collected into a single, unearmarked fund and managed locally under UN leadership. As crises evolve, funds are made directly and immediately available to a wide range of partner organizations at the front lines of response. This way, funding reaches the people most in need when they need it.
  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine – for provision of medical aid and sustainable living standards to wounded soldiers and members of their families.
  • Ukrainian LGBT Military for Equal Rights Association – support LGBT military in their fight on the frontline and for equality of all citizens at home.
  • CrimeaSOS – assistance to internally displaced persons from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. With the support and partnership of UNHCR, it promotes community initiatives for these groups.
  • British-Ukraine Aid – assistance to vulnerable individuals who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged, including the injured and wounded, orphaned children, the elderly, internally displaced persons and families who have lost their main earners. More information here.

Independent media

  • Keep Ukraine’s media going – Media across the country continue to operate under the most challenging circumstances. They have shown extraordinary courage, but the reality on the ground is that most operations cannot continue from Ukraine alone. This fundraiser is aimed at helping media relocate, set-up back offices and continue their operations from neighboring countries.
  • Kyiv Independent – repeat subscription/small donation here and one time donation here
  • Ukraine Crisis Media Center – international strategic communications hub with active outreach to audiences both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • New Voice of Ukraine
  • Meduza – Meduza is an independent news organization with a history of strong investigative reporting and expert analysis. They continue to break stories (such as the abuse of detained protestors in Russia) despite being harassed by Russian authorities.


  • Help Us Help – donations will be used to fund the following: evacuation and relocation of staff and beneficiaries (children, scholars and veteran families), humanitarian aid delivery, and medical assistance for victims.
  • Save the Children – Ukraine – distribute essential humanitarian aid to children and their families; deliver winter and hygiene kits; provide cash grants to families so they can meet basic needs like food, rent and medicines; provide access to safe, inclusive, quality education; work to help children overcome the mental and psychological impacts of conflict.
  • Voices of Children – psychological/psychosocial support for children affected by the war.
  • Toy Drive for the Children of Fallen Heroes – provides assistance for displaced people, orphans, and families of Ukrainian military who died or were hurt in action. Volunteers in Ukraine learn about needs on the ground and pass information on to us.


  • Institute of International Education – these funds provide critical support for Ukrainian students, scholars and artists under threat.
  • Ukrainian Leadership Academy – an educational program that aims to develop a generation of young leaders for Ukraine and the world. Over the course of a gap year, young adults learn to work in a team, set goals, develop projects, take responsibility for their lives and the country’s fate, and choose their future profession more consciously.
  • Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation –  invest in the lives of young and talented future leaders of Ukraine and the diaspora.
  • Veteranius – help teach and employ veterans, volunteers and internally displaced persons in the IT sector and involve them in socially important projects.
  • Bohdan Radchenko Stipend for Veterans – tuition for a Master’s at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (KMA), Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU).

Help for Refugees

  • International Rescue Committee – founded at the call of Albert Einstein in 1933, IRC helps people affected by humanitarian crises.
  • Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) – helps the victims of humanitarian crises caused by armed conflicts and natural disasters. Operating in Ukraine since 2014, PAH provides medical assistance, food baskets, hygiene kits and other necessities. Their top priority is to aid the most vulnerable groups: elderly people, women, and children. They provide counseling services well as long-term subsistence programs. They also renovate water and sanitation infrastructure (mostly senior homes or schools).  Very reliable and effective humanitarian organization.  
  • Ukrainian House NGO in Warsaw leading an effort to collect and get supplies to border. https://ukrainskidom.pl/ Purchases of medical supplies in Poland are made via this initiative (the person behind it is Professor Michael Kennedy at Brown University, who was formerly at U-Michigan and head of CREES) – a trusted source: https://fundly.com/friends-of-ukraine-ri?fbclid=IwAR2MrhXE4Cn4_8ks557D6IX01U6a6L_b1xcx7Q3a4sYlckVdAaO8i35YMRs